Wazifa To Remove My Bad Luck | Ruqyah For Good Naseeb

 We have some wishes and desires. Some people want to build a house of their dreams. Wazifa To Remove My Bad Luck Ruqyah For Good Naseeb Others dream to marry the person of their choices. Different people have different definitions of success. For some, getting their dream job is enough. For others, spiritual and familial growth is of the utmost importance.

And we see all around us that people are working day in and day out to realize those goals. But, we see that not all the hard work and efforts always and necessarily come to fruition. You always need an element of luck by your side as well.

Get Rid of Bad Luck by Dua Wazifa

In your present terrible life of bad lucks, an Islamic Wazifa To Remove My Bad Luck may offer you success. To overcome each difficulty, there is a right approach to do a Dua. If you want to be successful in life, you must give it your all and work hard to attain your goals. If you need help, you’ve come to the right spot. Perform Wazifa To Remove My Bad Luck, also contact maulana Ji to seek better advice to remove all the bad luck upon you.

Best Wazifa to remove bad luck

Procedure to perform Get Rid of Bad Luck by Dua Wazifa

After completing night (isha) prayers every day

You should be in the bathroom.

In the Holy Quran, open chapter #29, Surah # 73, Surah Al-Muzzammil.

Find the 11th verse of this surah (read above). Wazarnee Wal Mukazzimeena Oo-linna’amati Wa-Mahhilhum Qaleelan Wazarnee Wal Mukazzimeena Oo-linna’amati Wa-Mahhilhum Qaleelan Wazarnee Wal Mu

Recite this charming verse 100 times.

Make a strong dua for your goal and you’re done. It’s only a matter of time before you achieve success and good fortune.

Naseeb acha hone ka wazifa

The forces of the universe need to align in a way that they can support those miracles and success for you. Wazifa To Remove My Bad Luck Ruqyah For Good Naseeb But, it doesn’t always happen. The reason for that is often some kind of bad luck in our life. Do you also find yourself often in situations where you gave something your best efforts you were still unable to attain what you set your mind to?

If it is true, then you might be dealing with a case of bad luck. Would you like to know how you can turn bad luck into good luck? If you would like to know that secret, then keep reading.

The Process of Wazifa to Remove Bad Luck

Let’s start by saying that the way to unlocking the powers of the universe is to always do good deeds. That means doing those things that make you feel light and happy.

Next, you need to focus on all the good things in life.

Write down on a piece of paper your exact wash and fold it 3 times

Place it in front of you and while looking at the paper, recite “Ya Ali Madad” 41 times

Now repeat this Islamic dua 432 times “Allah afdal parvar madad ya wal sarah taleem intah”

Do this regularly for 4 weeks

Insha Allah, whatever hurdle is standing in the way of your and your goals will soon be eradicated. Wazifa To Remove My Bad Luck Ruqyah For Good Naseeb Make sure to stay in tune with Allah Tallah. He is the true guide who will always tell you what to do and what to avoid to make life as simple and blissful as possible. He is the best and the only door to understanding the mysteries of the universe.

Dua for removing bad luck

Most of the time, the cause of bad luck is our own wrong belief systems. We feel that we are not adequate or that we don’t deserve happiness or love or success. These kinds of thoughts inevitably manifest themselves in the form of reality and the doors to success that would otherwise be visible to use become invisible.

And then we say that our hard work is not paying off and that it is not coming to fruition. But, when you connect with Allah Tallah, all those wrong belief systems will fall off as easily as a dry leave from the tree and you will see yourself for the first time in true and real light. You will see who you are and that you have all the resources and the power in the world to achieve anything that you set your mind to.

Dua for good luck in life

It really is, as simple as that. You just need to slowly and surely develop and eye to make that possible. Wazifa To Remove My Bad Luck Ruqyah For Good Naseeb This is the part where namaz is of the utmost importance. It nourishes your inner strength and makes you capable of doing anything you want.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Islamic Dua to get rid of Nazar for a peaceful life?

Recite the Nazar ki dua in the Quran if you wish to be free of Nazar and live a joyful life without fear. This dua is used to ward off the evil eye. You may also defend your family with the assistance of this dua. All you have to do now is say the dua under the supervision of a Molana Ji.

What is the best way to protect oneself from the evil eye?

Hanging the hamsa sign is the most apparent and simple method of self-protection. When the hamsa is put up to fend off any negative energy from a location, it is thought to provide positive energy. It guards you against the evil eye and other nefarious influences. Peace and blessings are also symbols of this flower.

How do you cure the evil eye?

Place a lemon in a glass of water to fend off bad luck from business competitors or neighbors. Ascertain that the glass is clear and white. Place the glass in a prominent location so that visitors can see it. And the most important contact maulana Ji to seek the best advice to protect yourself and your family.