Dua for husband should listen to his wife


Husband and wife are supposed to be partners in a marriage. Dua to bring husband under control But, if even one of them fails to hold up their end of the bargain, then the equal gets disrupted. Things are knocked out of balance. dua to control the husband’s mind To restore that balance, one needs to do some corrective work. If you are a wife who senses that his husband is showing a lack of care and respect for their institution of marriage, then you need to go with your gut feelings.

Do not think that it’s all in your head. If your husband’s behavior seems to have changed overnight, then it’s highly likely something is standing in the way of your relationship.

Do you want to change the behavior of your husband and control him so you can save your marriage? If yes, then read this dua –

How to perform Islamic ishtikhara for controlling your husband

Grab a cloth that your husband wears regularly

Put a couple of green chilies on it and place it in front of you along with a glass of water

Sit in the posture of namaaz and remember your husband.

Now pray to Allah to change your husband’s behavior

Repeat “meesar gareem cemos doisch zedeem koriam Al Irahm quonay” 500 times

دہرائیں “مصر گریما سموس ڈیوسچ زیدیم کوریم ال ارحام کیونانے” 500 بار

Make sure your husband drinks that glass

Do this for 19 days

Things that wreak havoc on husband-wife relationships

Sometimes, a husband can have an extramarital affair. dua to change husband’s mind Perhaps he is finding himself attracted to someone at his office. Dua to bring husband under control Or maybe he is just losing the spark of love that he once had for you before the marriage. It’s not uncommon for many people to slowly fall out of love after a few months of marriage. But, if nothing is done about these things, the problem can soon slip out of hands like sand. As a wife, it is your responsibility to make sure that you gain control of your husband and make him realize his duty towards you as a wife and towards his family.

Powerful Islamic dua for controlling husband

There are times in your marriage and your relationship that it does not go smoothly and these diversions even end on wrong terms. If responsibilities and trust as the main elements started creating havoc in your relationship, it’s not a good sign to let go of your partner. But it should be you who will take all the responsibility and take control over your husband stabilizing the relationship.

How to avoid these happenings and how to control your husband’s mind? and what’s the Dua to bring husband under control?

If you have faith in God he will find a way for your well-being.

Wazifa To Bring Husband Under Control

Start fresh and recite Durood E Shariff 5 continuous times.

تازہ شروع کریں اور 5 مسلسل اوقات درود ای شریف کو پڑھیں۔

Pray to Allah while reciting YA WADUDU 101 times followed by reciting Salawat 3 times.

Continue this process for 11 days and receive the good news.

Dua for controlling husband anger

Why you should perform this dua In the face of it, it may seem like trying to control a husband is a bad thing. Dua to bring husband under control But, it’s not if you are doing this for the welfare of everyone involved.

dua for husband love If one person is no longer showing interest in the relationship, this can damage the marriage and soon families can fall apart. Therefore, if you sense something is too late, do not shy away from contacting a good molvi Saab. Explain your situation to him and tell him what your gut instincts are telling you. Listen to his advice and make sure to implement it religiously.

Dua to make husband listen

How Islamic dua and wazifa can help you Islam is a religion of faith and loyalty. It has strict guidelines and codes of conduct for how a man and wife are supposed to behave in marriage. Deviating from that code is condemned in Islam. Therefore, it is your right that your husband remains committed to you even after years of marriage. But, if you sense that love slowly fading away then don’t feel sorry for yourself. Dua To Bring Husband Under Control

Take all the necessary steps you feel are essential for restoring that lost balance and to make sure that your husband listens to what you have to say. Do not take it lightly if your husband is lately starting to ignore you. It is never a good sign and usually a wakeup call that something needs to be done to correct things.