Dua in Islam to make someone fall in love with you


Often in life, we get in touch with people who make us feel super special. Dua to meet someone again Those people, they bring out the best in us. We are faced with the finest version of ourselves. And we fall in love with that person. But, at times, we lose touch with that person. Perhaps that person has moved away to a different city or a different country. Or maybe they are busy in their own life. Regardless, their separation can leave a void in your life. It is only natural to crave the presence of someone special.

Perhaps you were in a relationship. But, you broke up due to some kind of misunderstanding. Or maybe the separation was mutual. But, now you want that person back in life. If that is the case with you, know that our dua and Wazifa is designed especially with each person’s needs in mind. Would you like to know what you can do to meet that someone special again in life? If yes, then read the following dua and carry it out exactly as it is mentioned.

Dua to meet someone again

Dua that will help you meet someone again

Grab a jar of honey and a white piece of paper

Now write you exact wish in a way that creates a circle with one end touching the other

Now place it in front of you and while concentrating on it, recite Durood Shareef 8 times

Now gently place that piece of paper in the honey jar and close it with the lid.

Recite this mantra 465 times

“Ra conye toraave zomar akhtiyar boraly sarahve”

Ask sure to sleep with the jar somewhere near your head

You can start performing this dua on a Thursday for amplified effects.

Continue to perform this at least a month to see the magic happen. 

Dua for someone to come back to you

Make namaaz as a part of your life

If you are not in the habit of praying at least 3 times then this is the first thing you need to do. Dua to meet someone again You have to make namaaz as a part of your life. Namaz strengthens you both emotionally physically and mentally. When you are operating from the strongest version of yourself you are inviting love and harmony in life. The rest will take care of you. Just pick up the phone and call us. 

Dua to meet someone again

In addition to performing namaz every day, make sure to have clean and pure thoughts towards the person that you wish to meet again. Talk to them as though you were talking to them in person. Make sure the tone of your thoughts is warm, gentle, and welcoming. When you think pure thoughts, it is bound to hit that person right in the heart. He or she will automatically feel the urge to pick up the phone and want to talk to you. That’s the power of pure thoughts and Allah Tallah’s blessings. Most powerful dua for love back

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In the past, we have helped countless people battling with different kinds of troubles in life. Islamic dua to get love back Some were going through a divorce and were feeling lonely. Others were torn between whether to divorce their partner or not. Dua to meet someone again Some were having trouble getting the job of their dreams while the rest were having difficulty getting married to the person of their choice. We have helped all kinds of individuals successfully. They are now living healthy, happy lives. All thanks to the power of Islam and Allah Tallah.