Dua to Improve Relationship Between Husband and Wife

Dua to Improve Relationship Between Husband and Wife

Are you a married person who wants to make his or her relationship once again as beautiful as it used to be some time ago? Dua to Improve Relationship Between Husband and Wife Do you think that your relationship of husband and wife is losing its spark? Are you worried that if you don’t do something about it? The two of you would fall out of love? Don’t worry. You are not alone. Many couples go through this phase where things seem a little lackluster dua for controlling husband.

Everything seems dull. The important thing is to take steps to rekindle that spark and reignite that lost love so you two can fulfill your respective responsibilities with flair. Do you want to know how you can do that?  If yes, then make sure to follow the dua mentioned below and bring it into amal religiously.

Dua to Improve Relationship Between Husband and Wife

On a Thursday night, grab the bark of Ashoka tree and put it in a glass of water. Keep that glass of water near your headstand for the whole night.

The next day, after performing your namaaz, recite durood sharif 11 times

Take verse 165 from Surah and recite it 5 times

Now recite “Za le ramey Cortey lewd sommen Allah Bismillah ameen sreen qureen” 500 times

Now drink that glass of water

Repeat this process for at least 19 days

Dua to increase love between husband and wife

Who can perform this dua? It’s better if both husband and wife perform this act together. However, if both are not willing and only one party wants to take the corrective measures. Even than this dua will be just as effective as otherwise. Dua to Improve Relationship Between Husband and Wife So, don’t be disheartened if your partner doesn’t initially show any interest in trying to save your relationship. powerful dua for husband and wife

The power of dua is such that it will hit your partner with utmost positive energy. And it is bound to make your relationship blossom like a flower in spring. You will start to notice the positive changes in the dynamics of your relationship within the first week of performing this dua and wazifa.

Dua to Improve Relationship Between Husband and Wife

Why you should perform this dua Sometimes, an outsider can become jealous of a successful husband wife relationship. Because of that vibe of jealousy. Even the most golden relationship can go sour. Therefore, as you would protect any other precious thing from intruders and wrongdoers. The same way a good relationship also needs protection and investment. The same goes with a husband and wife relationship. Which we can all agree, is supposed to last a lifetime. This dua comes handy in protecting your relationship from bad vibes and negative energy and allows it to blossom in the shade of love and companionship.

If you sense that your relationship is falling apart and if you are even the least bit interested in saving your relationship from becoming doomed, then it goes without saying that you need to turn to Islamic wazifa. Many people have used this powerful wazifa and are now enjoying a more beautiful married relationship than they ever did before.

Dua for relationship problems

Get in touch with our Molvi ji If you think it will be difficult to perform this dua on your own, then don’t worry. Dua to Improve Relationship Between Husband and Wife It’s normal to feel doubtful in the beginning. During those circumstances just a word with an experienced molvi saab can provide you that sense of believe and faith.