Dua to make husband obey and listen to you


If you want your marriage to be a successful institution, then you need a certain kind of discipline in life. Dua to make husband obey and listen to you It is almost like being in the army. To serve your country, you need to follow a strict set of discipline and rules. The same goes for the institution of marriage. Both the man and the wife are supposed to stay monogamous with each other.

And while the wife finds it rather easy to stay monogamous throughout her life, it’s usually the husband who goes astray. As a woman, it is only natural to want and crave your husband’s love. But, if your husband has been acting weird lately, then you need to make things right.

Dua to make husband obey and listen to you

In this post, we talk about ways in which a wife can keep her husband under control so he stays in love with her only. Dua to make husband obey and listen to you There is nothing wrong with wanting to control your husband especially if you are doing it for the good of the family. After all, the happiness of the entire family depends on the quality of the marriage

The process of Dua to make husband obey and listen to you Are :

Start with ablution

Perform Isha namaaz

Repeat Ya Wadoodu 675 times

Recite this Quranic chant 432 times “al mil Qal Tim un ka ra la tey war Allah Bismillah”

Keep the portrait of your husband in front of you and pray to Allah Tallah to instill a sense of stability in him.

Do this for a month.

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The Need For Controlling Husband

If you are not careful enough, your husband could start growing distant from you. This happens with a lot of couples. Once they are married, they start taking each other for granted. And when there are no rules to keep them on the straight and the narrow, it gets even more easy to lose your way and that sense of morality.

Dua to make husband obey and listen to you

Since husbands are not often that much concerned about the little things, it is the responsibility of the wife to make sure that the husband stays on the straight and the narrow. Dua to make husband obey and listen to you But, regular means often prove unhelpful. That is why you turn to mysticism and the power of religion. A religion like Islam has given so many powerful tools at the disposal of mankind that he can use it to build great wonders of the world.

The secret to a happy marriage

The secret to a happy marriage is to stay vigilant and respectful of each other. You need to be aware of when things are starting to get out of hand. The moment you sense that things have started to go awry, take that as a sign that you need to make things right again. The first thing you need to do is to stay true to your namaaz. Never miss out on it.

Stay in communion with Allah Tallah and constantly ask for his blessings for married life. Half of your married life’s problems will be automatically solved if you can do this much. The rest of the things like trying to control your husband and getting him to stay true to you – all of that will come naturally. 

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Rest, if you run into any kind of trouble, you should always seek expert help. Dua to make husband obey and listen to you By that we mean you should try and talk to a good and experienced Molvi Ji. He will tell you which dua or wazifa is the apt one for you.