Powerful Dua For Parents Health And Long Life

 Aslam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu My Beautiful Muslim brothers and sisters. In today’s article, we give you Dua For Parents Health And Long Life. You can recite these Dua for your parents to have good health and long life.

Parent. We all wish they could stay forever, but unfortunately, that cannot happen. We can only pray to Allah SWT that they live a good healthy, and long life- a content life with you/ their children and grandchildren. 

Parents are the ones who teach you about life the most, the ones who have been there for you through thick and thin. Your mother carried you inside her for nine months- Allah SWT says there is heaven beneath your mother’s feet.

Both mother and father, Parents, provide for us, educate us, clothe us, take care of us, and ensure we have food and all the other things we as children ask. Our parents have given it all to us. Without your parents, you would not be where you are now!  

Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) says to respect your parents, be nice to them, take good care of them- indeed. They are why you are on this earth, living, breathing. Allah SWT says these of you who are good to their parents have made a place for themselves in Jannah as it is the most lovable act in the eyes of Allah SWT.

Some Direction Before Reciting Dua For Parents Health And Long Life:

Always remember to make fresh Wudu.

Only recite when you are not on your menstrual cycle if you are a woman. 

Before starting this dua, sip the water of Zamzam.

Have full faith in Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) Shahadah.

If you think you make any mistake while doing this dua, do Istighfar.

Perform these Duas on facing toward Qiblah.

You can do “Dua For Parents Health And Long Life” after any Salat.

Some Direction Before Reciting Dua For Parents Health And Long Life

Here is Dua For Parents Good Health and Long Life From Quran:

First of all Say “Salallahu Alayhi Wassalam” x 10 Times.

Then Recite Dua for Parents Health And Long Life 15 Times mentioned Below.

“RabbiaawziAAneee an asshkuraa niAAmatakaa allattee annAAamta AAalayya waAAalawaalidayya waan aAAmala salihaan tarddahuwaaslih lee fee thuurriyyatee inneee tubttuilayka waa-innee miina almuuslimeen”.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION – “My Lord, help me be thankful for Your blessing which You have conferred upon me and upon my parents and operate the justice You will approve and make righteous for me my offspring. I have repented for You, and indeed, I am of the Muslims.” (Reference 46:15 Quran Surah Al-Ahqaf)

Finally, Pray To Almighty Allah for your Parents Health And Long Life.

Here is Dua For Parents Good Health and Long Life From Quran

In this image, we mention “Dua For Parents Good Health and Long Life.”

This “Dua For Parents” is the easiest and effective Dua. You can recite 15 days regular InshaAllah you will see effects within five days. If you need any help and have any questions about this Dua For Parents Health And Long Life, you can contact our Molana ji on Whats App.

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Steps to Perfom Dua For your Parents Happiness:

First, recite Manzil Dua in the morning.

Then Recite Dua for your Parents Happiness Given below.

“Adhhib al-ba’s Rabb an-naas, wa’shfi anta al-Shaafi, laa shifaa’a illa shifaa’uka shifaa’an laa yughaadir saqaman.” 

Finally, Take some water, blow on it, and make your parents drink it.

You can Recite this Dua after any Salah, Insha-Allah Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) will accept your dua. 

Steps to Perfom Dua For your Parents Happiness

After every salat, it is beneficial and most rewarding if you make Dua For your Parents Happiness.

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If your parents are extremely ill and troubling you, you can contact us, and our Molana Ji will help you. You will get immediate results by contacting our Molana Ji, and he will use his years of Islamic knowledge to help you. 

Do not hesitate to contact us. Depending on your situation and circumstances, our Molana Ji will be able to see and help you personally. Otherwise, we can also help and guide you in performing certain daus correctly. So, if you have any questions, contact us. We are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Surah For Parents Health And Long Life?

Yes, you can perform Surah al Isra (47:17)  For parents’ health and long life but make sure to properly clean yourself and the place where you are performing this Surah to get pure and effective results. Allah will bless your parents with good health if you recite this complete faith and belief.

Is there any Wazifa for parents long life?

Any dua or wazifa will show effects. If you have complete trust in Allah, Do ablution; after that, perform Fazar namaz and place zam zam water near you, then recite all eight dhikr, blow on water, and take your parents name. After that give that water to your parents and inshallah you will see results in following three days the health will get better day by day.

Is there any dua for parents in Quran?

Yes, Quran has various information. If you recite all that correctly and accurately, you will get results in very little time. The holy Quran has multiple Surah like “Wa’budul laaha wa laa tushrikoo bihee”  reference Surah An-Nisa ayat (4:36) also “Yaa qawmi innamaa haazihil hayaatud dunyaa” reference  Surah Ghafir  (40:39). These are some powerful ayat given in the Quran to improve your parents’ health.