Signs that your dua is accepted 100 % Tested


The interesting thing about Islam and Islamic Duas and Wazifas is that not only they are effective Signs that your Dua is accepted but that those Duas have an interesting way of coming true. Dua acceptance stories You need to be on the lookout for certain signs and symbols that will tell you that whatever you desire for; it’s actually coming true.

Signs that your dua is accepted

So what are some of the common signs that you need to be on the lookout for? In this post, we talk exactly about that

Recurring numbers – if you see numbers in triples. For example, if you see 111 or 444 or 666 – this is a sign that your wish or dua has been accepted. You can take it as a sign that the forces of the universe are working in alignment with your objective and your dua will come true sooner than you might have expected. Signs that your Dua is accepted

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A recurrent Dream – Dreams are possibly the most common ways in which Allah Tallah talks to us. He will send certain symbols and objects in your dream to tell you what He needs to tell since he cannot talk like a human with us. Accepted dua in 3 days One of the most recurrent dreams will be seeing a horse. If you see a horse running wild in the field, that’s a good sign. Basically, a horse whether he is just standing in a stable or running; take that as a good sign.

Seeing a famous figure in dreams – Perhaps you are seeing a personality or a celebrity in your dream. It could be an actor, a writer, a sportsperson; basically, anyone who is always in the limelight or in the public’s eye, that’s again another common sign.

In 3 situations dua will be accepted

Seeing red and green more prominently around you – perhaps you got a shirt from someone that’s red or green in color. Or maybe you are lately eating foods or fruits that are of that color. Take this as a sign of positivity telling you that, good things are coming in life. 

Signs that your dua is accepted

Seeing the great Prophet in a dream – Now this is not the kind of dream that most people will have in their sleep. But, if you do happen to dream about our great Prophet, nothing can be a sign bigger than that, that whatever you desired for and your dua is about to come true with flying colors. Signs that your Dua is accepted

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A feeling of detachment from things around you – if you suddenly find yourself feeling detached from the ground and the reality around you; this can also be one of the less popular signs that your dua is about to come true. Ya Allah accepts my dua Although not a lot of people tend to experience this if around the tenth day of your starting a Dua you begin to feel a sensation of detachment from the world around you; this is yet another good sign that it’s time for the big harvest.

Talk to us

Words, symbols, recurrent dreams, objects; all of it can have literally dozens of meanings. And your ability to interpret the right things in the right manner depends largely on how accurate your interpretation is. If you do not want to leave things to guesswork, then the best thing would be to talk to a good Maulvi Ji.

It’s easy to wrongly interpret things and then be disappointed that your dua did not come true by the time you expected. Therefore, to remove disappointment and guesswork; it’s always best to leave things to the wise and the expert mind.