Spells to punish someone


You may be thinking, why someone would write a post about something that punishes someone. But, before you jump to any conclusions, read this full blog post till the end. spells to punish someone The goal behind sharing Islamic dua to punish someone is not to cause them harm. But, the idea is to protect yourself from the wrongdoings and negative energy of those who are always trying to hurt you or cause you harm in some way or another.

You must have noticed how some people are always jealous of you. It could be because of your family, financial status, love life, career success, etc. crime and punishment in islamic law Regardless of the reason behind such jealousy; those people will do anything to hurt you. Are you also dealing with one such person? Do you want them to stop trying to hurt you? If yes, then read this post till the end and make sure to perform the dua mentioned in this post exactly how it is told.

spells to punish someone

First of all, make sure that your intentions are to safeguard yourself and not try to hurt anyone. If those are your desires, then this dua might not work.

Start by creating ablution         

Now chant “raturi zaala ar zaheer omakh sonper turh oney” 500 times

Keep a glass of water and perform your daily namaaz

Now repeat any verse from Surah at least 11 times

Now in the memory of Allah Tallah, you are supposed to drink that glass of water.

Now pray to allow to bestow upon you the power and the energy to protect yourself.

Who can perform this dua?

Maybe you are a mother. Perhaps you are a successful wealthy person that many people are jealous of you. You could also be a student or a teenager. It doesn’t matter who you are. spells to punish someone If you feel you need protection from someone, then you need to discourage that damaging behavior of that certain someone. capital punishment in islam  If you don’t do things to make them change their behavior, they will continue to be hurtful towards you.

Therefore, as long as you are clear on why you want to perform this dua, anyone and everyone can perform it. Allah Tallah and the religion of Islam has given the freedom to everyone to change the course of their life and take it in the direction that is happy, healthy, and full of harmony and abundance. Peace and joy are your rights. Nothing should come in the way of it. That’s the whole idea behind any Islamic dua and wazifa.

spells to punish someone

You should never take someone’s bad intentions lightly. spells to punish someone If you are sure that someone is always trying to create troubles in your way, then do not be any later before talking to our molvi saab and discussing your situation with him. If nothing else seems to be working, then the spell to punish the wrongdoer might be your only resort left. Don’t worry; with the help of Allah Tallah, you will be able to change the course of time. punishment for robbery in islam You will see that suddenly all the dark forces are getting removed from your life. 

capital punishment in islam

Talk to our molvi saab Perhaps you are also struggling with some other issues in life. spells to punish someone It could be related to your family, career, health, or just good luck in general. examples of sharia lawpunishments Regardless of the nature of your problem, you can always get in touch with and discuss your problem with our Molvi saab who will guide you.